Friday, July 15, 2005

News Round-up, 15 July 05

the major story continues to be the London TERRORIST bombers. yes, terrorists. that's what they are. whether or not their intended targets comply by being duly terrorized, terror is their aim. know your enemy, people.

washington post has this article. underneath the headline it reads, "Identities Are Revealed, but Motives Still a Mystery." what??? the least mysterious part of this war is the motive. it might be perverse and unfathomable, but it's no mystery. their motive is clear: domination. we submit to them or we die. leave it to pinheads to confuse the issue.

the fact that they were natives, so to speak, of the UK, seemed like nice lads (!) and oh-so-well adjusted is cause for considerable alarm. no marks of the wahhabists, the short hair, the full beards, the i'll-kill-you-right-now stares. it does not prove but it strongly suggests that the UK has a problem on its hands, a large potential enemy force already inside the wire. if only a few can be recruited and trained to carry out attacks, many many more can be persuaded to support and shelter them. i do hope the British are drawing the right inferences. and i hope the rest of europe is paying very close attention.

ps: i'll post the third edition of the crowley chronicles soon. good stuff, that.


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