Monday, April 03, 2006

Immigration Part 1: Close the Border

Generally speaking, I fall into the law-and-order, head-cracking, enforcement side of the current immigration debate. My advice is to close the border first, then address the problem of those who are already here. But first things first: stop the illegal flow of people and (contraband) across the southern border of this country. That’s more than an immigration issue, that’s a national security issue.

Elements of the National Guard should be deployed immediately to the southern border, and task-organized to support the activities of the Border Patrol. The Guard can supply the mobility, command and control, manpower and the firepower to defend the border while the Border Patrol (with other Federal agencies) enforces the law. Those Guard units must come from every state, not just CA, AZ, NM and TX. This is a national issue, and it needs to be addressed by units from across the Union.

With the Guard on the border we should expect some shooting. We should expect a lot of shooting. Each time a Border Patrolman gets shot at, from either side of the border, the shooter should be identified and engaged on the spot by steady volumes of disciplined, aimed small-arms fire. Shooters inside the border should be fixed in position, maneuvered against, and eliminated. Not arrested (unless he surrenders), but eliminated. Rules of engagement need to be written that reflect the reality of the situation: any armed person inside the borders of this country who is not a citizen is by definition a hostile. Someone who is firing at agents of the US Government in the prosecution of their duties is attacking the sovereignty of this nation, and should be dealt with accordingly.

Implicit in this plan is recognition that we are facing not waves of tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to be Americans, but tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to take over a large swathe of this country and assert the primacy of their culture. In normal language, that’s called an invasion. Their culture, quietly spelled M-e-x-i-c-a-n, is not superior or even roughly equivalent to ours. Mexican society is a mess; their laws are nonsense, the government is corrupt and inept. Organized political violence is commonplace. Also, much of the “migration” seems to have a distinct Marxist slant—the absolute last thing we need. They speak of taking back “their land,” of re-establishing a mythical Aztlan. Although in one sense laughable, that threat and the mindset behind it should be taken seriously. The southern border states are completely and wholly part of the United States. We don’t want to import (or allow the invasion of) an alien hostile culture on our soil.

At the same time we should openly and forcefully protect legitimate commerce across the southern border. Those with entry papers should be shown in with minimal delay, and sent on their way with a polite reminder that their stays are limited. Reward and encourage those who are playing by the rules.

The problem on the southern border won’t be solved quickly. It formed over time, and only after a lengthy period of hard work diligent enforcement will it be resolved. In the interest of our nation and our culture, we must close the southern border and keep it closed, until we get a hande on the problem and the other side gets its own house in order.

(Good article on this subject today in NRO.)


Blogger petersonet said...


Considering my observation of the Pennsylvania National Guard in Ramadi and the rest of the al-Anbar province, I would HIGHLY recommend their use on the border after they get a chance to refit and reorganize. Their professionalism and experience would be put to good use down Mexico way (and forget not those evil Candians). Plus, those boys (and girls) can shoot good. REAL good.


11:32 AM  
Blogger I'm Irritated said...

You make way too much sense! What are these people in Washington thinking??? or are they??

7:10 PM  

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