Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Roanoke, VA: A Great Place to Live

Except for the fellow-traveling hard-left fish-wrapper of a newspaper and its weasel-featured smarmy know-it-all f*ck-face columnists. (I know it well, I graduated from Patrick Henry High School in 1985.)

Smooth move, Trejbal. You did something that didn't need to be done, and in so doing you outed some people who really needed to maintain anonymity for their own personal safety. And I believe a few of them have made that plain to you. And get a clue, O Spotless Reporter-- concealed-carry permit holders are by definition law-abiding citizens, since they had to pass a background check to get the permit.

Comparing concealed-carry permit holders to registered sex-offenders? WTF?? They are criminals, we are not. How hard is that to understand?

I hope the Attorney General and the State Police are taking a long hard look at you, and your employers.

And, speaking of you... what's in your background that you might not want publicized? Address? Wife's name? Boyfriend's name? (You look like the type.) Kids' names and schools? I bet there are lots of people out there tracking that information down. Payback sucks, boy, but then again by the looks of you you know a lot about that.

Buh-bye. Hope you enjoy the fallout.


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