Friday, July 22, 2005

Enon Hall

on a completely different topic, i just rediscovered a website i had not seen in months: Enon Hall. watch a family restore their 250-year old family seat in rural tidewater Virginia. a great story of rediscovering the old pile and making the commitment to get it back on its feet. i remember emailing them from iraq last year, after seeing an article in the washington post. they said i was the first to contact them and were very kind in answering all of my numerous questions (the wife and i are This Old House addicts).



Blogger said...

Hey John!

Thanks for the link! From time to time I scan our Web reports to see who's linked to us. That's how I found your site. And yes, I remember your kind E-mail well!

Congrats on your new site!


5:57 PM  

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