Monday, August 08, 2005

Canada's Last VC Recipient; RIP

courtesy of chairman kim comes this story of real warrior (and a real liberty risk, too).

unfortunately, these days our great neighbors to the north aren't as involved in the war as i (for one) would like them to be. though their politics and culture want to try to hold us at arm's length, their military is sharp as a razor.

contrast this state of affairs with WWI and WWII, when they were in it long before we were. it was not uncommon in those times for young Americans to go north of the border to get *in* the fight, not get away from it. i heartily recommend "a rifleman went to war" by capt herbert mcbride. he gave up a National Guard commission to enlist, at a relatively advanced age too, in the Canadian forces in WWI. the soldiers he described were not second-rate and definitely were not looking to avoid a fight. (btw, he also discusses at length the birth of the modern military sniper, as he was in on it. his comments on the military rifleman are still spot-on today.)



Blogger General Stark said...

It is the shame of Canada that we have gone from warriors to cowards. Recent signs point to change for the better as our sovereignty is starting to come under threat from such super-powers as Denmark. But the greatest generation is passing with no heirs waiting in the wings.

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