Thursday, September 22, 2005


well, sort of. we received word today that ltcol craig covert, USMCR (and VMI '87), the next Marine field historian for OIF, has touched down in iraq and has been met by ltcol tim “the chronicler” crowley. ltcol covert maintains his own blog, right now it has the tales of his previous deployment to iraq; look for updates on OIF pretty soon.

with him is the one-and-only combat artist in the Marine Corps, staff sergeant mike “i put the old in old corps” fay. a veteran Marine who has served previously in the dog-eat-dog world of recruiting and on the flight line with HMX-1, the Presidential squadron. In the civilian world (he too is a reservist), he has worked in historic preservation, being involved in jobs on some of Virginia’s treasured 17th century churches and 18th century houses. his art work for the Marine Corps is superb (i’ll try to post some soon) and has won him numerous accolades, including a show at the prestigious Farnsworth Museum in Maine. his blog is

btw, look for the next crowley chronicle soon.




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