Monday, April 24, 2006

MilBlog Conference: I Was There

I thought this was a great event. I enjoyed meeting all the heavy hitters—BlackFive, Smash, Andi, Gunn Nutt—as well as the more modest sites, such as Swift Kick, who I am pleased to note is a fellow NoVa blogger. A special shout goes out to the boys at Op-For, who I found out are fellow VMI guys.

The one down note, I thought, was how Col Hunt moderated the blogging-from-theater panel. I’m a fan of his, but something about him at that session didn’t ring true for me. I thought this should have been the best panel, but ended up being the third-best (out of three). (As an aside, he’s also much bigger than he looks on TV.) However, I thought the famous WO Mike Fay did very well, I only wish he'd showed some of his work.


Blogger Tom said...

Sounds very intersting. Will you have more on what happened, what the panelists said?

9:00 AM  

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