Thursday, June 29, 2006

Well SHIT, Let's Just Turn 'Em All Loose

My quaint and amusing local paper is crowing about a significant set-back in the War to Rid The Earth of Goat-Screwing Heathens:

Supreme Court Blocks Bush, Gitmo War Trials

Fuck me to tears. You mean some Yemeni, Bin Laden's driver and bodyguard, has standing to sue in the US Supreme Court?? And win??

TVZMM is on it too, and has some good links.

I'm disgusted. What the hell is wrong with this country?



Blogger Consul-At-Arms said...

It's probably not as bad as we thought at first. If Congress will got of their fannies and pass a law authorizing and explicating the functioning military tribunals (sort of a mini-UCMJ), we'll be in better shape than we thought.

7:30 PM  

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