Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another Reason Why DC Needs More Guns

Following Countertop's post yesterday on Why DC Needs More Guns, in which he points out that a juvenile predatory offender who went on an unopposed crime spree last year just received the minimum sentence-- or as CT put it, "the minimum f*cking sentence"-- here's the nth reason (where n equals any number equal to or greater than one million) why the law-abiding in DC need to recover their 2d Amendment rights.

'Pack robberies' plague affluent neighborhoods.

Read it all, and read it carefully.

If people, and especially youth, can't be made to respect the property of others, and they don't fear the law, they must be made to fear the citizens. Right now, they have no reason to respect or fear anything or anyone. Let the good citizens of DC, including all the good little liberals on the Hill, be armed, and let them put the fear of God into these animals.

The great Jeff Cooper used to point out that the piracy problem in the Caribbean was solved for good when the Royal Navy proceeded to kill all of the pirates. Simple, no?


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