Monday, September 03, 2007

Sunday Hunting In Virginia-- Will It Happen?

Countertop has been following this issue doggedly, and has just found an old article in the Roanoke Times on the subject. I direct your attention there for one of the best rebuttals to the anti-Sunday hunting arguments yet written.

The commenter on that blog has it right-- "The state has no place enforcing/supporting the doctrine of any religion." Amen on that.

He has it right on several other counts as well. For me, opening up Sundays to hunting would vastly increase my available hunting days. In a given month I have about four days on which to hunt, that is, the four Saturdays. Knock off one for reserve duty. Knock off another because there's no @#$%ing way I'll be allowed to spend all three remaining days out in the field! So that leaves two days each month, at the most, for me to help support this time-honored pastime and do my part for conservation in Virginia.

I'm a church-going man myself, and I understand the arguments about keeping the Sabbath. However, I'd like to echo what the guy in the Roanoke Times said-- The state has no business enforcing religious doctine or bolstering church attendance. Allowing hunting on Sunday doesn't force you to forego church.

And finally, he has an excellent point on the Sunday hunting ban as a tool to restrict the accession of new hunters. All hunters should recognize the importance of that immediately.

As a compromise, I'd support a law that allows Sunday hunting only after 1200 on public lands, or starts out with lifting the ban for private land only.

If you agree with us, go sign the petition, and let your state legislators know too.


Blogger Countertop said...

We go to church too, but for a number of reasons (most involving child care and infants) end up going Sunday nights at 7:30. I could hunt the whole day and still make it.

What really goads me though is that if there is a home Redskins game that weekend, no one shows up to church (morning or evening) and the church makes a point of scheduling events around the Redskins schedule because they know no one will attend when the Skins are playing.

As my neighbor said, he can take his son to a titty bar to drink beer and watch the redskins but he can't go hunting??

whats up with that?

2:25 PM  
Anonymous olga said...


12:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the law of no hunting on Sundays. It means that during hunting season, I can visit parks and not worry about getting shot.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hunting is not allowed in "parks" 7 days a week so you are never in danger. As far as public land goes, the areas that are legal for hunting are completely undeveloped and have no park-like facilities. Also, this ban restricts activities on private land as well. If there was a law that closed all parks on Sunday, would you support that?

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Randy said...

If you don't want to hunt. Don't hunt. If you don't to go to church. Don't go. JUST GIVE A DAMN CHOICE.

9:34 PM  

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