Saturday, September 24, 2005

More On Why We Have a Second Amendment

when i posted on that issue, i thought that i was echoing a self-evident truth: that when civil order breaks down, you can't guarantee that the local authorities will be able to help you. you need to be able to protect yourself and your property, and your neighbors too if the need arises.

so, i read with dismay a few days ago a post from the always zesty michelle malkin about gun confiscations from law-abiding citizens in new orleans. (at least i think it was from her blog. if it isn't i'm always pleased to give her credit for anything.)

the NRA Institute for Legislative Action was soliciting confirmed reports of confiscation. i'm glad to see that today they've had some success.

and the pugnacious Gun Owners of America has alarming information here.

do we have to re-state the obvious? even in the best of times, you can't count on a lawman being close by when you need him. in fact, you can bet on one being nowhere in sight. and it's not their fault. the police-- God bless 'em-- can't be everywhere at once. we have the Second Amendment to ensure that we all have the capability to assist in the maintenance of law and order by deterring crime in our homes and immediate neighborhoods.

go to the GOA post above and see the two video clips, especially the one with the comments from the NOPD official. (sir, you are none of the solution and most of the problem.) let me leave you with this historical fact: when the Marine Expeditionary Unit i was part of operated in southern somalia in early 1993, we did countless sweeps through villages and towns, searching for weapons. HOWEVER, we were under standing orders to make sure that we left one rifle in every household, so that the poor folks could defend themselves against the organized clan militias. (don't believe me? feel free to email me,, and i will be happy to discuss it at length and supply you with proof.)

a brief flash of inspiration just hit me. (that's a rarity, let me roll with it.) confiscation in the wave of a natural or man-made disaster provides us with a great reason to have more guns than we think we need. no! no! how can you do this?? this is America!! you can't take my guns! you will protest as they walk off with the beat-up 30-30 and the .38 Special you had when they came through the neighborhood. then, still shaking your fist and swearing, you walk back in your house and quietly grab your Remington 870, your 1911 and your Steyr Scout. bye now! :-)


Blogger Robert Pope said...

Hey there, your missing a BIG part of the reason for the second amendment. It is mainly in place to insure that the federal government maintains a proper amount of fear of its citizenry. The government is supposed to be afraid of us not the other way around. The founding fathers wanted to make sure the citizenry was armed so when the days of Federal Corruption came the armed citizenry could overthrow their government and install one that more accurately reflects the will of the people.

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