Sunday, February 12, 2006

Congrats to Jay Hakkinen, US Biathlete

US biathlete jay hakkinen of alaska posted the best-ever olympic finish by an American shooter-skier.

go here: and look under news.

"Saying his skiing was good was an understatement, as Hakkinen had the second fastest ski time of the day to the legendary Ole Einar Björndalen of Norway who took the Silver Medal today. Björndalen’s ski time was 52:39 compared to Hakkinen’s 53:10.9." that's an incredible performance, and a tribute not only to him but to how far the US team has come.

go here also:

(BZs to NBC for what looks to be some outstanding XC and biathlon coverage.)

i for one am looking forward to watching rachel steer... :-)



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