Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Commercial Message: Regimental Signs

I want to plug my good friend (and fellow Marine Major) Joe Winslow, who runs a business that deals in very high-end custom signs and displays. Go pay him a visit, and if you're in the market for what he offers, and you want to go with with a veteran-owned small business, he's your man.

A few words about Joe. He did a stint in the enlisted ranks, first active then reserve, then decided to get his commission. After a few more years on active duty he got out and pursued a successful career in the financial industry. Like many others, he decided to work for himself, and gave up a lucrative job to found his own business. When 9/11 came along, he packed that business up (literally) and came back on active duty. He later joined our unit and deployed to Iraq in September 2004. He was on hand for the epic second battle of Fallujah, and the events following it. After he demobilized he went back to his dormant business and has been going at it full time since then.

What you get from him is personal service and a keen eye for what you want. He does the work himself, and does the finishing by hand. Go check him out.



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