Sunday, April 30, 2006

Will on Webb

In the opinion section of today's WaPo, George Will analyzes Mr Webb.

This reminds me of a Marine on the rifle range who's so eager to score an expert rating that he chases the bullseye and blows all his shots. Webb was a Democrat until Jimmy Carter (understandable, that). He served under Reagan until force structure reductions didn't go his way, so he resigned. He supported Chuck Robb once but then crossed over to support George Allen, against whom he now runs. He wouldn't shake John Kerry's hand but voted for him! He likes gay rights and abortion, and guns; that's not something you see every day. The guy's all over the board.

Regarding Iraq, I suspect that if he'd been part of the policy team that formed and executed the plan, he'd be out in front of it right now. Just a thought.

Bottom line: he wants to get elected.


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