Sunday, September 03, 2006

Potato Guns

From today's WaPo, an amusing article on potato guns, about the most positive coverage we'll get from them on why men shoot things. And notice that the byline is from Fauquier County, VA, not from some squalid gun-banning socialist hell-hole like Maryland.

Load 'em up with sweet potatoes and you can go on a YAM-page! Ha, ha, ha.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work with a bunch of lift mechanics and they have built several not so much potato guns as potato cannons. We had our big company wide safety meeting and lobster boil last week and you guessed it, we shot some lobsters out of those bad boys. Hilarity ensued when we shot one some 300 yards on to the VP of Human Resources' Jeep.


12:18 PM  

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