Thursday, October 11, 2007

Beware Nationalized Healthcare

With the rise the junior Senator from New York as a Presidential contender, and the recent S-CHIP news, nationalized health care will again become a subject of debate. If you are hoping fervently for socialized medicine, or are even thinking, hey, that might not be a bad idea, I have a few words for you.

Remember that when you get socialized medicine, you then pay for the consequences of all sorts of bad behavior, even you yourself don't engage in these acts. You'll be shelling out your hard-earned cash for things like this:

Every drug addict who overdoses and goes into cardiac arrest, even though you don't do drugs.

Every drunk driver who wrecks his car and is intensive care, even though you're careful not to drink and drive.

Every smoker who scoffed at the warnings and lit up decades and now has nonfunctional lungs, even though you're a non-smoker.

Every strongarm robber who gets himself shot in the commission of a crime, even though you're not a criminal and have never menaced anyone.

Every fat body who didn't take care of himself and gets diabetes and heart disease, even though you keep yourself fit and almost never have to go to the doctor.

Every man or woman who rolls the dice and has unprotected sex with someone in a high-risk group and contracts HIV, even though you don't lead that kind of life.

Every woman who has an abortion, even though you're adamantly opposed to such a practice.

That's right, you'll be picking up the tab. By force of law. No questions asked, no alternatives. Think all of them will be paying for you??

And while you do, you can watch the supply of medical care go down, the quality drop, and the costs rise. Think your healthcare costs are high now? Just you wait!

Oh, and you can stand by for more intrusions like this.

Still think it's a good idea?


Blogger Bryan said...

Oh, and get ready for all versions of government rationing like they have in Canada, Great Britain and elsewhere. Wait in line...
And don't forget the more subtle forms of rationing. Are you pregnant? Ah, you get a mandatory amniocentesis. Why? Well, say you are in Finland, and your fetus demonstrates CNF - congenital nephrotic syndrome (hereditary kidney defect.) You are now the mandatory recipient of an abortion. It costs too much to deal with bad kidneys in a newborn.
It's a darn good thing my 10 year old daughter, with CNF, was born here, not in Finland.

4:08 PM  
Anonymous olga said...

well, I lived with the socialized 'free' medicine. Every time we needed to have a good doctor's opinion, we would either pay under the table to the government doctor or would go to a doctor with the private practice. And in the hospital, one would pay the nurse to really take care of your loved one, then to the doctor and then to whoever could provide the imported drugs that can cure your loved ones, because the government would not provide those to regular folks, just to the high-ranking party bureaucrats.
I really-really hope this is not going to happen here. I'd rather continue to pay my $417/mo for my health insurance and go to the doctor I really know and like.

12:45 AM  

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