Sunday, July 02, 2006

Guns, Guns, Guns

The 4th of July weekend is a fine to time to think about, discuss, and shoot GUNS. Besides, it'll keep my mind off the closing of Thoroughbreds. I have a modest armory: a .22 rifle, a Remington 870 12-gauge, a CVA 50-cal muzzleloader, a WWII M1 Garand, a Taurus .357, and the twin prizes of the collection, a Springfield Armory 1911 .45, and the mighty .308 Steyr Mannlicher Scout.

It is true that you cannot operate more than one weapon at a time. Yet, I want more.

After years of resisting the urge, I’m looking at an AK. (Cooper says that the AK is not a citizen’s weapon, by which he means a rifle, but a peasant’s weapon. However, he points out, it is a system in use throughout the world and has much to recommend it in terms of simplicity, reliability and durability. One correspondent replied to me with, “It goes bang when you pull the trigger, every time.”) Several people have recommended this one to me, a Roamnian WASR:

I’d like to turn my 870 into this (and then of course buy a new one for fowl and turkey), a Wilson Combat Border Patrol model:

I really want one of these, a Ruger .22 Single Six:

Yes, one of these too, a Bushmaster or some other M4gery:

And thanks to good reviews and a new line of ammo that increases its capabilities (via John Farnam), I think one of these would be a good acquisition, a Kahr Arms M1 Carbine:

And of course then I’d have to attend more courses, like the Gunsite shotgun course and any number of AK courses. Not to do so would be a shame. :-)

Anything else? Ok, maybe one of THESE... finally, a good use for golf balls.



Anonymous thebronze said...


I have a Scattergun Technologies (Now Wilson Combat) 870 and I love it.

It started out as a Police Turn-in and SGT used to have a conversion plan for old 870's to make them into slick 870's

Buy a cheap 870 and have them convert it. You won't regret it!

6:30 PM  
Anonymous thebronze said...

P.S. If you're an averaged sized guy, get the short-stock option. Much better for shouldering.

6:33 PM  
Blogger vmijpp said...

Thanks, Bronze, will do!

9:09 AM  

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