Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Med-Fah on the move

looks like Team Med-Fah is on deck at habbaniyah. look for updates from ETP soon. i for one will be interested to hear what they have found.

make no mistake-- creating, supporting, improving and assisting local security forces is the war-winning effort in a counter-insurgency. it is painful, it is slow; it usually involves ten steps forward and about nine steps backward for a considerable period of time. but it does work.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Team America

i have to add this... finally saw Team America: World Police last night, the unrated special DVD. HOLY S**T. it was worth the wait. it's fiendishly clever and insanely offensive. go see it immediately.


It's about time

just read this little gem-- Guns Over Democracy-- in the washington post. all i can say is, IT'S ABOUT TIME. as usual, the editorial misses the point entirely about the relationship between guns and crime. i just hope congress doesn't buckle, and actually passes it into law.

Happy 4th!

happy 4th of july to all. having had several busy weeks and weekends, T and i decided to take it easy and do little-or-nothing this time. though i'd love to head into DC to see the fireworks, it's just too much trouble. maybe next year, when K can appreciate it and we can figure a slick way in and out. we'll be able to see a half-dozen firework displays from our back porch anyway, that is if we're still awake at 9 or 9:30 when they start.

so, in place of fireworks on the national mall and an enormous block party, i'll be content to put away some Old Dominion and relax.

but it would be remiss of me not to restart a small tradition i began a few years ago when i worked at (the old, good, pre-Ebbers) MCI. i'd send out an email with the full text of the Declaration of Independence, to remind people of what the 4th means. it's common to think of only the broad-brush phrases, the "self-evident truths", when in fact the text is bristling with specific indictments against the crown. i think it's a good annual reminder to see what made the Founding Fathers so angry that they openly rebelled. see the full Declaration here. read it and see if the catalog of grievances doesn't remind you of certain gross injustices being handed down from on high today. it is in every way a magnificent document.

enjoy your holiday, and keep in mind the folks overseas (like Team Med-Fah) who are knee-deep in the fight.