Sunday, July 22, 2007

On Second Thought, I Think I'll Stay In Loudoun

Two posts ago I mused about Prince William's entirely laudable (and long overdue) crackdown on illegals. With this news out of Loudoun, I think I'll stay put now. (Trust the WaPo to make sure that the "critics" are front and center in any of these articles.)

And in today's WaPo comes a great article about a great citizen, of whom I had previously heard nothing: "Muscling A Web Site Into A Social Movement." The writer doesn't think he's so great, of course. "Among the ranks of the online martial artists who spin and strike across the so-called blogosphere, Letiecq is a virtual ninja, practicing character assassination, innuendo and exhortation with the skill of a black belt."

Not so fast. It looks to me like Letiecq is scoring some hits, nailing the group Mexicans Without Borders as a "Zapatista affiliate." The WaPo just refers to them as an "immigrant rights group." What's he doing, and what the WaPo and the other useful idiots don't like, is calling a radical a radical. He's pointing out the extreme left-wing influence in what pass for the legitimate representatives of the poor put-upon campesinos, (they're just here to make a living, don't you know). And they don't like it that more and more people are listening and paying attention, and demanding that their elected officials do something about it.

I'm with him. Those who want to move here and be Americans, come on in. We want you, we'll welcome you, and there's plenty of room and work for you. Those who want to migrate here in waves, and bring their ultra-left philosophies, their gooned up social institutions and their illegal tactics, we don't want you here. No matter how hard you work, you're not welcome. Go home. And don't expect us not to turn the power of our laws against you.