Thursday, July 28, 2005

Me not understand

saw this article in the washington times this a.m. on my way into the metro: Ill-equipped soldiers use excess force.

as i was in an hurry i only glanced at it through the window of the vending machine, but it was enough to see this sentence: "Gen. Chaves, who commands the Hawaii Army National Guard 29th Separate Infantry Brigade, said the answer was to equip soldiers with laser-guided 9 mm Beretta pistols."


i read on, not knowing what a laser-guided pistol was, and eager to learn. i came then to this, the next sentence: "That way, a soldier could lase the person he wants to target before pulling the trigger." at the risk of speaking out of turn, i would say that this is probably not the preferred course of action.

there is so much more in the article to invite discussion, but i'm going to stop here, in order to avoid placing myself in potential hot water. i invite you to read the full text and see what you think.


Crowley Chronicles, 5th Edition inbound soon

if you're checking back to see ltcol crowley's 5th missive, you haven't missed it. it should be in and up soon.