Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hey, Counter-top!

CT, if you're reading, let's do a shoot, a NoVa blogger-blast. What say you? (Great posts lately too.)

And anyone else too, like 30-06 and Tom The Redhunter... email me at vmijpp at hotmail dot com.


I'm Back

To all my devoted readers-- all twelve of you :-) -- I apologize for my absence. Two things have kept me away.

1. My writing project kicked into some last-minute high gear, and I found myself devoting almost one hundred percent of my waking hours to it. I'll have more on that soon.

2. I went TAD on a one-week course at Little Creek: the JTAC Primer. JTAC is Joint Terminal Attack Controller, which is what you are if you are trained to call in close air support but you're not an aviator. Only aviators can be FACs; others can be JTACs. I have now completed the entry-level JTAC training to allow me to continue with live controls and other formal instruction. It was a damn good course, and not a gentleman's course either.

I promise to post more regularly. In the meantime, check out Op-For where I also post under the nom-de-blog "Maj P".