Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Answers To Comments About the Militia Proficiency Test

Thanks everybody for writing in, although no one volunteered a 40-round, 100-meter qual course.

Here are some answers to the questions I got.

Anonymous-1, et al: this is for any able-bodied law-abiding citizen, military or no. In fact, I'd like to see it taken and passed by someone who's had NO military or police service.

Freeman: Driver's license is not to prove good conduct, but to put a face alongside a name and address, against a voter's card and cert. of good conduct. He who has a voter's registration card is a citizen in good standing. The license is simply an enabler.

Scooby: Ten rounds is fine. Ten rounds is what they gave me at Quantico in 1989 (back in the Old Corps), and then we started firing for score. If you get a good three-round group you definitely start adjusting. And thank you for mentioning dry fire! We had shitloads of snapping-in at Quantico, and it is truly the key to marksmanship. This test rewards someone who has gotten the training and maintains proficiency on his own. In other words, has made sure he is "well-regulated."

BullNav: I hope it would encourage people to get to know their friendly neighborhood service rifle! As Jeff Cooper said, the M16 might not be much of a rifle, but it's the one we've got and so we all ought to be trained to its use. Good on him who joins a club and seeks out the knowledge. I didn't want to use personal weapons in order to establish a clean baseline where skill and proficiency come before gear. Thanks, BR. Now, what about a 40-round, 100-meter qual course?

PoshBoy: Good points, I'd like to see a similar program today with the CMP or whatever it's called. Nothing mandatory here, just a voluntary test to see who can assemble, check, zero, shoot, disassemble, and clean the service rifle. I'd loooove to see it be part of say, voter registration, like it is in Switzerland. :-)

Anonymous-2 and -3: Again, no qualification, although that would be interesting. Militias do matter, because we, The People, ARE the militia. We "get" guns because we possess that right, and for no other reason. No person, and no piece of paper, allows or grants us that right. And yes, WILLINGNESS is the key here! He who is willing to accept the challenge of seeking out the training, securing the weapons, and maintaining his skills with them will find this a straightforard test.

Again-- anyone have any ideas on the course of fire?