Sunday, May 27, 2007

Quick Hotwash on FPF Training's Defensive Handgun Course

Just finished up the two-day Defensive Handgun Course put on by John Murphy at Marine Corps Base Quantico. A more detailed AAR will be forthcoming, but these are the highlights:

1. Overall satisfaction: Very High. Met all my expectations and a little more. Double thumbs-up on classroom work and range work.

2. Rounds expended: 400-450. (PMC Bronze .45 ACP 230-gr FMJ, no problems.)

3. Gun used: Springfield Armory 1911-A1; only modification I have made is Simonich Gunner Grips. OUSTANDING combination, except for the old-style non-beavertail grip safety that allowed the hammer to bite the web off of my right hand. I lost a good bit of flesh on Day 1... actually that's not correct... I didn't really "lose" it as I know exactly where it went, and that was all over the spur of the hammer.

4. Other gear used: Comp-Tac mag pouches and holster, and Chip McCormick PowerMags. All performed up to specs, that is to say magnificently, and are keepers.

More to follow.