Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Port and Starboard??

I got a nifty comment the other day in the Flashman post below. Seems like I have a "port-side" doppelganger in Rule-303! Another Virginia rifleman and homebrewer, and apparently a Breaker Morant fan too! The more the merrier.

Another Satisfied Gunsite Grad

Ken from CA wrote to me several months ago after reading my post on the Gunsite 223 Carbine Course. I was pleased to offer some more thoughts and advice, and asked him to write back afterwards to let me know how it was.

And so he did.

"I just got back from the 223 Carbine course. My brain is still swimming with all the new skills I learned and all the old ones I was able to polish up. I was especially influenced by their insistence on staying in the fight... They have an amazing facility to work with. There were only 6 guys in the class, and all but me and one other fellow are in LE. I stayed at Little Thumb Butte B&B which was great."

Sounds like he had a grand time, as I fully expected he would. You can too.