Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Of Primary Importance Here In Virginia

Spent a busy hour yesterday a.m. getting the voting precinct ready for action. By my watch we opened one minute late, but who's counting? Normally I place myself at the head of the line but this morning I fell in behind about a dozen folks waiting. That was more than usual for a primary, but not as many as I thought there would be.

I marked "Mitt Romney," in case you're wondering. Why? Because I have the luxury of knowing what the outcome will be, and I wanted to stage a little protest. I was not a die-hard Mitt fan, but I considered him the best of the viable choices, and I wish he had stuck it out. My thoughts on The Arizona Maverick can best be summed up as follows: My admiration for McCain the fighting man borders on awe; but my disdain for McCain the politician is just as deep. He has made too many deals with vile people, and bitten the hands that fed, or would now be feeding, him.

However, I have to agree with Our Favorite Beefy Afrikaner. Frau Klinton and Mr B. Hussein Obama must be defeated. So, you can lead me to the polls and make me vote. You just can't make me like it.