Friday, July 06, 2007

Prince William Floats an Immigration Crackdown

Hell! This almost makes me want to move back to Prince William County.

Of course, the WaPo's designated open-borders traitor bitches and moans about it. FOAD, lady. (And the answer to your question is FOE, if they're here illegally.)

Good for PWC. Make 'em sweat.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Changes at Old Dominion Brewery

OK, NoVa beer fans will know that ODB changed ownership some weeks (months?) ago, with a big brewery now having a controlling interest in what was a fully independent concern.

As a general rule, I resist change, especially when I think it will phuk up the proverbial free lunch. As a specific rule I loathe change when I think it will affect my normal routine, in this case my weekly growler.

That is how I viewed the change at ODB-- as a free lunch being prepped to get phuct up.

I'm pleased to say that I might be wrong (so far). The annual beer festival is gone (the usual site right by the brewery is now a construction zone), but they haven't gooned up the beers yet. The did change the menu a bit, and added a pretty good sunday brunch. I can still get Hop Pocket Ale, and if it's out I'll be happy to settle for New River Pale Ale.

Now, if they only had a shooting range next door instead of that ridiculous cheerleading place...