Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Well, not really, but an article there by Peter Kirsanow offers an economically astute argument in support of points I made here and here.

The takeaway is that what Kirsanow calls the "underclass" is in danger once again of having the door of opportunity slammed in their faces by migrants, except this time it's by massive numbers if illegal migrants. I couldn't have said it better.

Again, the civil rights organizations and the labor unions should be going APE SHIT about illegal immigration. But instead, all we here is crickets chirping.


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Republican Dissatisfaction

Good rant by Tom the Redhunter on why the Republican base is pissed off these days, and how said pissed-off-edness could very well hand the Congress to the leftists this fall. That's somethng I don't want to contemplate, but it could very well happen.

For my money the top three beefs with the Congress and administration are:

1. The War. I'm not against it-- hell, I think it NEEDS to be fought, in Afghanistan or Iraq or wherever we can come to grips with those people-- but I'm not sure the administration is committed to fighting it with the ferocity and ruthlessness it demands. And I'm not sure that they're doing the best job they can in educating and leading the American people about it. (And btw, I LIKE Rumsfeld. He's mean and ruthless. He should be let off his leash.)

2. The Border. (See previous posts.) What part of this issue doesn't get their attention? This is a pressing national security matter, and should be treated accordingly. We have good people on the right side here, like Rep Tom Tancredo, but we need more.

3. The Budget. They're spending too much. We need to force Congress and the President to go cold turkey on the spending front. Where's Newt Gingrich when we need him?

Congressional Republicans are just UA [Marine-speak for "AWOL"] for the most part. Example: What's Rep Tom Davis's (RINO-Va) focus of effort these days? Making sure that Nationals games are televised on area cable networks. Good call, Mr Davis! You're the Man of the Hour!

Beware the protest vote, RNC, or the protest lack-of-vote. It can and will get you.


“Non Est Hic, Sed Resurrexit”

First Steps

The boy took his first unaided successful step yesterday, and this morning walked from one side of the "baby jail" to the other on his own, a good three or four steps. :-)

Yes, Ma'am, They're Dangerous

Also from today's Washington Post, this article on the migration of coyotes (back?) into the area.

I was planning on reading the whole thing until I saw this line, "Hays shook her head. "I don't think people should kill them -- I'm an animal lover. But it's just frightening."

Ma'am, it ought not be paralyzingly frightening, but it should be cause for concern. Why? Because coyotes are frightfully efficient predators. They'll get your pets and can definitely get small children. The solution, ma'am, IS TO SHOOT THEM. Very simple. But in suburban Maryland, I don't think that has occurred to anyone.

Yes, I'll probably go and read the whole thing, but I have to shake my head ruefully at how quickly people turn into sheep.


I Must Say, He Makes A Lot Of Sense

Another "Holy s**t!" article in the Washington Post: common sense rears its ugly head.

And, another good way to give the Middle East the Middle Finger.