Friday, August 26, 2005

Michael Yon: Gates of Fire

via Blackfive, i found this superb piece of combat reporting by the incomparable michael yon. these are some card-carrying tough guys. i hope this story gets incorporated as a vignette (i hate that word) in any or all of the formal schools in the Army and Marine Corps. there are more lessons here than i can pack into one post.


Lack of Posts

sorry to all (esp gysgt ellis) about the lack of updates lately. been mighty busy at work and at home.

in the works:

Crowley Chronicles, 7th Edition (when it arrives),

a review of the mighty STEYR SCOUT RIFLE,

and a thought-provoking essay on iraq, which has been gestating for some time now.

have a good weekend, i'm off to roanoke soon.