Thursday, February 16, 2006

Biathlon Update: 16 Feb

good results for our ladies in the women's 7.5km sprint, especially rachel steer, who finished 35th, right behind the uber-favorite uschi disl! 35th is a great step up from her previous finish, and if she's skiing and shooting with fraulein disl, she's doing very well indeed.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006


from the vile washington post comes this headline-- Gay Bishop In Treatment For Alcoholism.

for fun, turn the words around so the headline reads "Alcoholic Bishop In Treatment For Gayness," and then rewrite the article as you read it. so many puns, so little time!


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Biathlon 14 Feb (updated 15 Feb)

more biathlon news...

1. looks like Team America didn't do well in the men's 10km sprint. the results i saw showed jay hakkinen as "pd" or pending disqualification. huh?? i forgot to set my alarm to watch it at 0300, so i don't know what that's all about.

UPDATE: see this story on jay's bad day. damn. i have shot well and shot poorly (more the second than the first) and i know how pissed i am when i make a bad shot, and all i've been shooting for is score on the range or meat in the field. i can only imagine what it must be like to shoot for gold and watch it go south. still, jay hakkinen remains, in my opinion, a great athlete and a true competitor.

2. good column in the wash post on hot female biathletes. no mention, however, of rachel steer. huh?? that ought to get the writer at least one penalty loop. (gloss over the obligatory wash post jab at the VP.)

no matter what the results, i say now and will continue to say GOOD JOB to all our shooter-skiers, male and female.


Monday, February 13, 2006

Another US Biathlon Site

brian olsen's frozen bullet. he's the fifth man on the five-man US olympic biathlon squad. good site!


Spotsylvania Deputies Receive Sex Services in Prostitution Cases

i predict their applications will skyrocket.


VP Hunting Accident

the washington compost is gleefully covering the VP's hunting accident in TX. and of course they finish the story with comments from f***heads from PETA and HSUS.

not to make light of the incident, BUT i'd still prefer to hunt with dick cheney than ride with ted kennedy. at least cheney was sober, and came to the man's aid. the same can't be said for the bloated creature from massachusetts.

(see other recent accidental, or rather NEGLIGENT discharge stories here and here. the takeaway is that the four safety rules are ironclad, especially the Golden Rule-- keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target and you've made the decision to fire.)


Sunday, February 12, 2006

MilBlog Conference, 22 April 06

i registered for the milbloggers conference in DC. have you? it should be fun, although i am definitely a minor-leaguer compared to some of the others with my on-again/off-again postings.

i'll try to get vmicraig, mdfay, and erik peterson there too.

if you're coming in out-of-town and need some transport assistance, shoot me an email . i live near dulles airport. can't promise, but i'll do my best to help.


Congrats to Jay Hakkinen, US Biathlete

US biathlete jay hakkinen of alaska posted the best-ever olympic finish by an American shooter-skier.

go here: and look under news.

"Saying his skiing was good was an understatement, as Hakkinen had the second fastest ski time of the day to the legendary Ole Einar Björndalen of Norway who took the Silver Medal today. Björndalen’s ski time was 52:39 compared to Hakkinen’s 53:10.9." that's an incredible performance, and a tribute not only to him but to how far the US team has come.

go here also:

(BZs to NBC for what looks to be some outstanding XC and biathlon coverage.)

i for one am looking forward to watching rachel steer... :-)