Sunday, July 08, 2007

Good Range Session This Morning

Household-6 gave me a liberty chit this morning and I chose to spend it at the range. I grabbed the Springfield Armory 1911 in its Comp-Tac holster, four loaded mags and a full box of ammo and headed to Blue Ridge Arsenal.

I only had a little time, so I got two B27 silhouette targets, unloaded at the firing line and commenced the warm-up dry-fire drills. Once I was satisfied that I was drawing and pressing smoothly, I reloaded and got down to business.

Not bad. Not the best, but by no means the worst. I was aiming for the cardiac triangle in the upper chest, not for the 10-ring, and the group showed very little lateral deviation. On the other hand, there was more vertical deviation than I wanted; none above the neck (except the head shots I wanted in the head) but a few dropped, oddly enough right in the X of the 10-ring. That's pretty much standard for me and it's a result of rushing the shot, looking over the sights and generally anticipating the trigger break. There was a good clump at the top of the shot holes, right where I wanted them at the apex of the 8-ring. In fact, the number "8" was shot out.

Practiced mag changes too-- that's a perishable skill-- and even was afforded the opportunity to clear a stoppage, which I promptly botched. I thought it was a failure to feed when it was really a failure to extract, and I neglected to cycle the round out. So I left a spent casing in the chamber and was rewarded with the proverbial click instead of a bang. Good lesson there.

Shoot more, shoot more often!